SmartAIDUA PARTNERS can help to connect international donors and projects with civil society organizations in affected regions to respond most effectively and transparently to the humanitarian crisis caused by the russian invasion of Ukraine.

The platform helps international organizations, individuals and legal entities outside Ukraine, intended to provide targeted humanitarian assistance to vulnerable groups of citizens, to find a partner for provision of aid among the CSOs, which submitted the online applications and were verified by SmartAIDUA PARTNERS coordinators.

Stand With Ukraine

We believe Ukrainians need to play a central role in addressing their own needs now and into the future. Our system has been developed by locals under the technical assistance project SURGe and is run by Ukrainians.

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How SmartAIDUA PARTNERS Works for CSOs

  • CSOs profiles: SmartAIDUA PARTNERS helps you to create and demonstrate your profile and experience to become visible and selectable for international donors to initiate potential cooperation, highlighting your unique experience.
  • Safe and secure: SmartAIDUA PARTNERS verifies and approves CSO experience, completed projects and financial reports for the last year as well as representatives in the region where they like to operate.
  • Now you are a Partner: Once approved, your profile is made visible to the Donors.

Please note that SmartAIDUA PARTNERS does not engage CSOs directly. SmartAIDUA PARTNERS is not liable for connections, contracts or breach of contracts between users.

How SmartAIDUA PARTNERS Works for Donors

  • If you are looking for Ukrainian partners among local CSOs to provide humanitarian aid to different groups of citizens all over Ukraine in the territories directly affected by the russian invasion or in regions in need of humanitarian assistance for temporarily displaced persons - join the platform and get access to the list of verified CSOs.
  • You can search partners by sectors, experience, representations in regions, finished projects and team experience.
  • Verification process is supported by SURGe Coordinators. Coordinators conduct all-stage verification and are responsible for analysis and proceeding of the provided information.
  • Your opinion is valuable for us and you can provide feedback on Ukrainian CSOs you worked with.

What are the sectors of activities?

All types of aid are systematized by sectors of activities (inspired by UN clusters classification). This approach provides a useful and effective tool for identifying potential sectors for cooperation and collaboration between donors and civil society organizations and complies with commonly used international classifications.

Education icon
Food Security & Livelihoods icon
Food Security & Livelihoods
Health icon
Nutrition icon
Child Protection icon
Child Protection
Gender-Based Violence icon
Gender-Based Violence
Mine Action icon
Mine Action
Shelter/ Non-Food Items icon
Shelter/ Non-Food Items
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) icon
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
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Alinea International has been in Ukraine since 2010.

Current projects
  • Support for Ukraine’s Reforms for Governance (SURGe);
  • Promoting Reform Objectives through Technical Expertise and Capacity Transfer (PROTECT).
Completed projects
  • Canada-Ukraine Police Development Project (CUPDP);
  • Police Training Assistance Project (PTAP);
  • Support to Reform of Patrol Police in Ukraine (SRPPU);
  • Juvenile Justice Reform Project (UJJRP);
  • Expert Deployment for Governance and Economic Growth (EDGE).
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Partnerships Work

SURGe has provided different kind of highly needed support to 59 communities in 21 regions all over Ukraine and provided direct support to more than 88000 direct beneficiaries.

Our support has been received by bomb shelters in communities under attack, shelters for IDPs in the West and Center of Ukraine, hospitals, childcare institutions for evacuated children, and prisons in cities under siege.